Pink Palm Classical Woman's Analog Scarf Watch

Pink Palm Classical Woman's Analog Scarf Watch

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Stop wearing boring watches!
Say hello to ComfyBand®
– hand made stripe watch.

Sick of generic wristwatches? ComfyBand is more a scarf than a watchband, and just like a scarf you rather bind it than strap it. Check the video to see how cool it looks!

Why choose ComfyBand?

  • It is unique – once this design is sold out there will be no restock: that copycat bitch Susan will never copy you again!
  • It is reliable - stainless steel body, japan move, water-resistant. Way more dope than an overpriced Rolex.
  • It is hand made – the stripe is hand made in Europe with ComfyBand technology: show your middle finger to The Evil International Corporations.
  • It is easy to care – durable, washable & dry fast: think about how you look not about how not to mess it up.
  • It has hassle-free returns & warranty – 1-year unlimited warranty, 90-day money back no questions asked. Did it break down? We'll replace it. You don't like it? We'll refund it. Terms and conditions apply.
  • It is good for the planet - we donate 5% of what we earn for every item shipped via Express 3 Day Delivery With Charity Donation because unlike The Evil International Corporations, we freakin' care.

What do I get
for my money?

Every package contains:

  • 1 stainless steel, japan move Ernest watch
  • 1 hand made ComfyStipe Watchband
  • 1 travel bag
  • Endless envious looks.

How big is it?

The watch is approximately 1,77' wide. The band is hand made in Europe using ComfyBand technology. It is approximately 23' by 1,15'.

Apple Watch owner? Apple Watch ComfyBands are available here.


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